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Check out some of the latest media coverage of onenightfriendfree:

PCWorld Online Dating Adds Video, Goes Local Feb 13th, 2009

Designed to remove the stigma associated with matchmaking sites for young adults, onenightfriendfree creates a speed-dating venue for singles between 18 and 24 years old. Signing up takes seconds. After supplying minimal personal information (no last name required) and a photo, you can start your own chat session with other users or join an existing session...

AFP Online romancing fodder for onenightfriendfree TV Sep 23rd, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) — The world's largest speed-dating website on Tuesday launched an online television channel showing the lengths to which people will go for love. has compiled videos of rapid-fire online encounters between its more than a million mate-seeking members in an Internet Age version of reality television called onenightfriendfree TV...

TechCrunch Voyeur Heaven: onenightfriendfree Lets You Post Your Online Video Dates To The Public Sep 22nd, 2008

onenightfriendfree, the site that throws users into 60-second one-on-one online video sessions to form new relationships, is launching a new public version of the site that should appeal to the voyeur in all of us. The site will now allow users to post recordings of their brief dating sessions to the public in a portion of the site dubbed “onenightfriendfree TV”...

Shine How to find chemistry online Sep 8th, 2008

Enter, "a live video speed dating site that not only allows you to see someone and judge looks, but because there is a webcam involved users can also factor in personality." The makers of onenightfriendfree came up with this list of how to win the game...

Adobe WOOing users Aug 20th, 2008

onenightfriendfree offers an engaging, high-performance experience to users looking to meet new people in a fun and fast way with Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server software...

Venture Beat Speed-dating site onenightfriendfree raises $12.5M more, enjoys $41M valuation Jun 12th, 2008

onenightfriendfree, a video speed-dating site whose claim to fame is a speedy, no-frills interface and the ability to attract people who would never touch a traditional dating site (it calls itself an “introductions platform”), has raised a fresh round of capital to continue expanding...

KRON 4 Internet Changing the World of Dating May 13th, 2008

Forbes Stealing TV Dollars May 8th, 2008

Monetizing live face-to-face interaction on the web...

Redbook How Do I Look? May 7th, 2008

Now there’s an online dating site, that eliminates the awkwardness of e-mail encounters through web-cam based speed dating...

Social Times onenightfriendfree Wednesday Interview With Stephen Stokols Apr 23rd, 2008

Yesterday was Twitter Tuesday so I figured it would be good to make today onenightfriendfree Wednesday. Yesterday afternoon I spoke with Stephen Stokols, the CEO of onenightfriendfree, an online casual speed dating platform. I’ve tested out the platform with my friends before and I have to admit that it’s pretty entertaining. I also had the opportunity to check out the onenightfriendfree Facebook application called WooMyFriends...

The Guardian Elevator Pitch: onenightfriendfree wants to wooyou with video dating Apr 23rd, 2008

Founded in December 2006, onenightfriendfree combines online dating with video chat - the founders are convinced that the combination of the two is a winner for the more light-hearted side of the dating scene...

Real Business 18-24 year-olds go crazy for online “speed-dating” phenomenon Mar 28th, 2008

George Berkowski and Steve Stokols had a brainwave last year. What if they created an online version of speed dating, but took away the sad, lonely heart, dating bit? Now, is the latest social craze to sweep the internet.

BBC Kate Russel Gives Her Latest Selection of the Best Sites on the Web Feb 22nd, 2008

Speed dating is all the rage these days - where you literally spend five minutes chatting to lots of different people to see if you make a connection.

And now this billion dollar dating phenomenon has invaded the web and you will find it at onenightfriendfree...

The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet Dating At Feb 18th, 2008

Buckle up for the best-kept secret in speed dating! M&J reveal how to meet five single guys in five minutes — without leaving your home!

The CW Morning News Denver Find A Man in Five Minutes Feb 14th, 2008

KCAL 9 News Los Angeles Looking Online For Last Minute Love Feb 13th, 2008

People go out of their way to have a date on Valentine's day. They ask friends, family and colleagues to set them up - but now the Internet is being folded into the mix.

There are tons of legacy dating sites like, and eHarmony, but a new crop is springing up - using video instead of static profile pictures to help you meet that perfect mate...

Wired Dating 2.0 Picks Up Speed Dec 20th, 2007

It's Friday night, and your date for the evening just appeared on your computer screen. He's shifting awkwardly in his chair as he adjusts his webcam, and a comment about American Idol makes it immediately clear you haven't found your soul mate. You promptly click "End date" and -- after a few moments -- your next date appears, and you're ready to begin again...

Business Week A Kiss-Off to Online Dating Nov 20th, 2007

I was among the panelists at the TechCrunch40 conference. Among the startups that debuted at the conference was, owner of a slick, easy-to-use, video speed-dating site...

Mashable onenightfriendfree, You Fool! 60 Seconds Start Now Nov 14th, 2007

onenightfriendfree is a new way to speed date. It’s an online network that lets you schedule times to hold a meeting, where you’ll get to chat with them in live 1-minute conversations...

NewTeeVee NTV Live Launchpad: Meet onenightfriendfree Nov 14th, 2007

Startup onenightfriendfree publicly launched its “online introduction” service today. onenightfriendfree allows you to enter into one-minute webcam conversations about particular topics (football teams, rollerblading, the holidays, etc.) with people you’ve never before met...

TechCrunch onenightfriendfree Opens Up To Public Nov 14th, 2007

onenightfriendfree puts users in quick, 1-on-1 video conferencing sessions during which they can determine whether to pursue a relationship (romantic or otherwise) with the stranger on the other end...

Webware onenightfriendfree Opens Up To Everyone, Let the Cam Lust Begin Dec 14th, 2007

onenightfriendfree is opening up its doors to everyone this morning after being in private beta for the last few months. They were one of the presenters at the TechCrunch 40 conference back in mid-October and opened up to a little more than 100 folks who wanted to be a part of the dating site...

Venture Beat onenightfriendfree, An Innovative Take On Online Dating, Launches to Public Dec 14th, 2007

AlwaysOn New Ways of Doing Old Things Nov 11th, 2007

Times Online Upgrade in Online Quest for Romance Nov 11th, 2007 It's speed dating via your webcam Nov 14th, 2007

TechCrunch 1,000 onenightfriendfree Invitations for TechCrunch Readers Oct 31st, 2007

New York Times Does This Webcam Make Me Look Fat? Oct 5th, 2007 Online Dating on Steroids? 1:1 Interview with onenightfriendfree Founder/CEO Stephen Stokols Oct 2nd, 2007

Andy Abramson See Me, Hear Me... onenightfriendfree... Kiss Me Sep 27th, 2007

Financial Times Hot Dates for VCs and Startups Sep 19th, 2007

Podtech onenightfriendfree and Orgoo Launch at TechCrunch40 Sep 19th, 2007

Guardian @TechCrunch40: The "Entertainment For All Ages" segment Sep 18th, 2007

Venture Beat Mint Wins TechCrunch. Latest Start-Ups: mEgo, Wixi, Xtr3D, Flowplay Sep 18th, 2007

Venture Beat onenightfriendfree, Searching for The Needle in the Dating Haystack Sep 18th, 2007

Internet News Celtics, Lakers fans make an online date Jun 13th, 2008

Daily Times - Pakistan Finding love in cyberspace Dec 13th, 2007

Tech Coast Review speed dating web 2.0 style Dec 4th, 2007

Thrillist onenightfriendfree Nov 27th, 2007

Killer Startups - Online Speed Dating Nov 24th, 2007

eConsultancy onenightfriendfree – online dating’s new darling Nov 22nd, 2007

Adrants onenightfriendfree Blends 'Net Flirts in Speedy Fervor Nov 20th, 2007

Geek Girl Online dating 2.0 Nov 18th, 2007

Lexpansion onenightfriendfree met la rencontre en ligne à l'heure du speed dating Nov 17th, 2007

Gadgetell onenightfriendfree : Speed dating for the online generation Nov 15th, 2007

Shiny Shiny onenightfriendfree: Speed dating the webcam way Nov 15th, 2007

Crave: The gadget blog onenightfriendfree opens up to everyone, let the cam lust begin Nov 14th, 2007

Socal Tech onenightfriendfree Launches Services Nov 14th, 2007

Somewhat Frank onenightfriendfree? Now Woo Anyone Nov 14th, 2007

techmoz onenightfriendfree? Now Woo Anyone Nov 14th, 2007

901am onenightfriendfree makes social networking real time Nov 14th, 2007

Brand Republic Nov 12th, 2007

AppScout onenightfriendfree: Speed Dating Comes to the Web Nov 12th, 2007

Five Blogs Before Lunch to Bring Speed Dating To The Internet Nov 12th, 2007

Co-Ed Magazine Will onenightfriendfree Woo Thee Towards Online Dating? Nov 13th, 2007

Sensory Metrics onenightfriendfree: A FRENETIC user eXperience Nov 7th, 2007

Bubblicious Can You Woo Woo Woo? Nov 6th, 2007

Sensory Metrics Interview with Stephen Stokols, onenightfriendfree Nov 6th, 2007

Rotor Blog onenightfriendfree: Meet 5 People in 5 Minutes Nov 2nd, 2007

Gizmodo onenightfriendfree, Webcam Speed-Dating Oct 8th, 2007 onenightfriendfree Attempts to Bring Speed Dating Online Sep 25th, 2007

Internet News Tech Conference Takes a Walk On The Wacky Side Sep 19th, 2007

ReadWriteWeb TechCrunch40: Entertainment for All Ages Sep 18th, 2007

Somewhat Frank Picking TechCrunch40 Winners Sep 20th, 2007

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